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Seaside Villa

Your Travel Memories believes
that travel is good for the soul! 

We are committed to providing those age 55 and over with unique and quality travel opportunities.

Whereas previous generations saw traveling as a luxury, today’s age 55+ demographic views travel excursions as a necessity for a balanced life. Our company is for those who want to travel as much as they can now while they are healthy enough to enjoy. Seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, and meeting new friends!


Your Travel Memories has partnered with several travel companies to offer you exclusive opportunities to venture to new places. Our partners were selected by their reputation, their dedication to travel, and their particular expertise. Together we are going to provide you with the best travel experience possible!


Personal service is the benchmark of our business. If you choose to travel with us, you will first be invited to a presentation where you will learn all about the trip. This no-obligation presentation is hosted by Your Travel Memories and our group travel partner and this will be where you can gather information, learn all the details about the trip, and ask questions. Then, about a month before the trip departs, you will be invited to a Bon Voyage Party where you will receive your final documents, ask any last-minute questions and meet your fellow travel mates.  We are always available to provide you with any information that you may need. 


Our destinations will combine culture, history, lovely hotels, good food, and wine!  Our travel groups will never be so big that you won't receive our personal service or not get to know your fellow travelers.  There can be anywhere from 8 up to 18 from our group traveling together. We believe that it is not just about offering you the ultimate travel experience, but also the connections you will have the opportunity to make with others along the way!

Couples, singles, groups, friends, and family are all invited to travel with Your Travel Memories!  You may be a single, age 55+ individual who would like to meet and travel with others who are single and like the personal service we offer.  You may be a couple or friends who want to travel together but would like to join with others for fun and adventure or you may be a group, organization, or business that would like the professional service and expertise we provide. 


If you do not live in the North Carolina Triangle area, not a problem as we will facilitate your airfare from anywhere in the U.S. to meet up with the group!  Your family and friends are also invited to join us whether they live in North Carolina or out of state.  As long as one person is 55 or over, your guests do not have to be. We do ask that all of our travel guests be age 21 and over.

We are committed to offering you the best travel experience and service possible, all the while providing Your Travel Memories for many years to come!  

Please make contact below with any questions or interest! 

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